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Log In and Activate to Earn AARP Rewards

To ensure that you’re getting your AARP Rewards Points for any game on AARP’s website, make sure you are logged in while playing the game! Logging into and activating AARP Rewards will ensure you are getting your points. For example, you will see AARP Rewards to the left of your name on when logged in:

If you’re signed into your AARP account and want to be sure that the Game Points you’ve earned are added to your personal score, all you need to do is select Save Score at the end of your game play. If you’re a Rewards participant, logged in, and the game you’re playing gives out AARP Rewards points, you’ll receive those points automatically upon completion of the game or activity.

If you’re not signed into your AARP account while playing the game, and you’d like the points you receive in the game to be applied to your account, you’ll need to log in and Save Score at the end of your game play.

If you are a Rewards user that believes you earned Rewards points for completing a game or activity, but haven’t received them, you should contact AARP between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, at 1-888-687-22877. Be sure you review the terms first!

Remember: Members can earn a maximum of 7,950 Rewards Points and Non-Members can earn a maximum of 5,450 Rewards Points every day.

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