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How do you use hints in Twofer Goofer?

In Twofer Goofer, the goal is to solve the clue with two rhyming words. When you succeed, you will see the image that represents the winning answer. In the game, you're able to use up to four hints.
If you would like to use a hint, look for the button that says “Next clue.” You can click that button up to four times to receive hints. In order, here are the hints you’ll receive:
1. Syllable Count: This will give you the number of syllables in both words of the Twofer Goofer.
2. Blurry Image: If you figure out the answer, you’ll see an image that represents it. This clue will give you a blurry version of that image. It might be enough information to help you determine the answer!
3. First Letters: This will unlock the first letter of each word of the Twofer Goofer.
4. Easier Prompt: The Twofer Goofer prompts can be a bit wordy. Simplify the description with this clue.
After you have used all four clues, it’s up to you to figure out the answer. If you’re still not sure, you can click the “reveal answer” button. Good luck!
Pro Tip: You can play the Twofer Goofer current game and any archived games you haven't played before.
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