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Here's how to get the highest possible score in Right Again! Trivia

If you’re a competitive trivia buff, you want to maximize your score. Now that there are more opportunities than ever to get game points in Right Again! Trivia, there are a few strategies to get the highest score possible. Here are a few:


Save Your 3x PowerUp

If you’re logged in, you’ll have access to a PowerUp that gives you 3x points for getting a question right. Save that PowerUp! All Round 4 questions give you 400 game points, so utilizing that PowerUp in the final round can get you 1,200 game points in one shot! (Compare that to using the PowerUp in Round 1, where each correct answer gets you 100 points, or just 300 with the PowerUp.)

View the Video Watch Bonuses

We’ve doubled the game points you can get from watching the Video Watch Bonuses, optional videos that appear at the end of Round 1 and 4. They’re worth 300 game points each — don’t miss an opportunity to get 600 total game points!

Use Your AARP Rewards Points to Buy PowerUps

During the Brain Q and Final Q, you can use your AARP Rewards Points to purchase special PowerUps. Two of those PowerUps grant you extra game points for a correct answer: the SweetSpot PowerUp, which adds 200 game points to your score; and the Speedster PowerUp, which doubles the game points you get from a correct answer but gives you 10 fewer seconds to answer the question. If you don’t utilize these special PowerUps, you’re leaving hundreds of game points on the table!

Try the Early Final Q

At the end of Rounds 2 and 3, you’ll have the opportunity to answer the Final Q early. The Final Q is a question based on the image that appears behind the game board over the course of the game. If you think you might know the answer, try the Early Final Q. If you get it right after Round 2, you’ll get 800 total game points — double the normal value. If you get it after Round 3, you get 600 game points, or 1.5x the normal value.

If you get the question wrong, you’ll still have another opportunity to answer it later, so there’s no penalty for trying!

BONUS TIP: If you attempt the Early Final Q, you’ll be able to purchase PowerUps with your AARP Rewards Points, just like normal. Purchase the Speedster, which grants 2x game points for a correct answer, and get the Early Final Q correct after Round 2 for 1,200 points!

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I don't understand why I would spend Rewards Points to buy Power Ups.  I'd rather buy gift cards, try for instant wins, etc with my Rewards Points than spend them on Right Again! Trivia. 


What am I missing?  Is there some incentive for a high score on Right Again! Trivia that I'm not aware of?

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