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AARP Rewards PowerUps in Mahjongg Dimensions! FAQ

Q: What's the latest update for AARP Rewards participants in Mahjongg Dimensions?

A: We're thrilled to introduce two brand new AARP Rewards PowerUps!


Q: What can these PowerUps do for players?

A: These PowerUps can double your score in any single round, give you extra time on the game clock to conquer a level, or even revive your game if time runs out. The 2X Score PowerUp is available to all AARP Rewards participants (no AARP Rewards points necessary), and you will need to redeem 1,500 AARP Rewards points to get the Extra Time PowerUp.


Q: How can players access these PowerUps?

A: Simply login to access these new PowerUps in Mahjongg Dimensions. If you’re new to AARP Rewards, you must first create or activate your account, but this is fast, easy and free. Then click the “Redeem Rewards PowerUps” tab on the gameboard and the PowerUps panel will open. The clock pauses while the panel is open so you won’t lose any game time while selecting a PowerUp. 


mahjongg dimensions powerup.png



Q: I’m not an AARP Rewards participant yet. Is creating or activating an AARP Rewards account difficult?

A: Not at all! It's fast, easy, and completely free.


Q: Can players use these PowerUps more than once per game?

A: No, each PowerUp can only be used once per game, so strategy is essential.


Q: Are there plans to expand these PowerUps to other AARP games?

A: Absolutely! We're eager to receive feedback and hope to introduce these fun Rewards PowerUps to more AARP Games in the future.

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