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People who are struggling to wear masks

Most people are wearing masks now in public, to protect other people if they are not sure about being infected, and to protect themselves from breathing in coronavirus. And some people are having trouble wearing them: they complain of getting dizzy, or feeling claustrophobic. It is important for everyone, especially in indoor spaces like grocery stores, to wear them.


If you or your loved one is resisting putting one on, there are things you can do to relieve the discomfort:

* wear one that has elastic, and rest it under your chin when you don't need it, like in the car, so you can easily pull it back up when necessary, like entering the store.

* if you need a break, leave your shopping cart in an unobtrusive place, and walk outside, finding a place where there are few people, and take it off for a few minutes.

* Pull the bottom of the mask away from your face for a few moments if you can't leave the indoor area easily. Stand and breathe normally but a little bit more deeply than you usually do.

* use cotton masks as they are easier to breathe through. 

* be patient with yourself and with the process of getting used to masks.


This article had some good tips:


Jane, who works in a hospital and has about a dozen different mask i rotate through...

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