Parkinson's Disease Dimentia

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Parkinson's Disease Dimentia

Aug. 17th, I said my last goodbyes to my father who had Parkinson's Disease, and many other ailments.

I, was his 24/7 live in caregiver, eventually we hired on a full time caregiver, and hospice was last to join our 'team'. He was bed bound his last year and had dimentia and hallucinations also at times.

The tip I'm leaving today is dealing with a dimentia moment. 

Everything I learned came from all my mistakes I made and some amazing professional caregivers.

When the dimentia is intermittent, and not all the time, it's easy to forget that it's where they're at that time.

Go along with what they're saying no matter how crazy it may sound at the time, try not to argue, or give long explainations, try to distract, or change the subject, and don't take anything personal. Easy to say but truly, they may be alert and independent one moment and a little later not understand what the simplest task is. They may seem at times almost  manipulative, and maybe they are, but try to remember these last days, weeks, or months, are a time you will never regret. 

This is of course speaking for myself. I hope I didn't rattle on too much, however I learned so much in these last 2 years with my father, and I treasure it all and hope I can help in anyway someone who may have questions.