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Increasing Caregiver Retention #2 - Gamify The Work Experience

With home care turnover being too high there are changes agencies can make to reduce turnover.


Gamify the work experience


Caregivers rely on their smartphones throughout the day, especially since they spend their day in the field with patients. It’s important they can manage their schedules, take training courses, and document right on their phones. Finding the right technology to make this experience both easy, engaging and fun is key in caregiver retention. 


Leaders can use positive reinforcement techniques through the smartphone experience by:


  • Using gaming techniques through the agency’s caregiver app to incentivize caregivers. Give designated points for clocking in and out, taking educational courses, or offering positive suggestions.
  • Allow caregivers to repurpose their earned points for prizes and benefits.


Tip credit: Levi Pavlovsky

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