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Counter worrying with meditating



An excerpt from Barry J. Jacobs


Meditation comes in many types but has three common elements — deep breathing, focused concentration, and an increased, not decreased, awareness of what is going on inside and outside of us at any given moment. It has been shown to ground the family caregivers who regularly practice it in the present — rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past — and create a greater sense of calm.


In a paradoxical way, meditation is a way to regain a feeling of control. Feeling calmer and more fully aware of the present creates greater acceptance of its current circumstances. That greater acceptance creates a different sense of control, one that's based on handling what is, and not fretting about what isn't. Caregivers who can endure this pandemic and trust that they are doing their utmost — with its limitations — will be more clear-headed, content and effective.

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