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Alternative Nursing Home Plan For Loved One



With the future of nursing homes in a very delicate state between revenue, funding and Covid-19 we could be in store for a huge decline in nursing homes being able to remain operational. Going forward it may be best to have a back up plan for you and your loved one if you had planned on nursing homes being an option.

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Please give an example of  a "back up plan".

AARP Expert

@mimi0000  As @JaneCares says - the back up plan will vary according to your situation! I cared for both of my parents in my home, with the help of their Long-term care insurance (to help with paid caregivers) and the VA (Dad was a Veteran and he got home health aides to help with bathing and dressing, medical supplies, medications and eventually home-based primary care rom the VA). It can be done! I used a lot of mobile health services also - doctors and lab tests, x-rays, ultrasounds etc. at home - when it got really hard for my parents to go out. 


I think for most people a backup plan instead of nursing home care means home care. But for some it's a smaller "group home" or "residential care facility" where there are fewer people (usually up to 10 - licensing depends on the state). 


AARP has lots of good information on home-based caregiving on the website!


Take care,

Amy Goyer, AARP Family & Caregiving Expert

Author, Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving


AARP Expert

Hi Mimi!

Back up plans depend on money, like so much else. For example, some states have programs that allow Medicaid funds that pay for nursing home care to 'follow the patient' into the home, and pay for extensive home supports, sometimes hours per day of home health aide time. Other states don't do that. If the care-recipient has considerable assets, then paying for home care isn't a problem, and home health aides and additional helpers can come to the home. There isn't the 'socialization' of a facility, but some folks can't really participate in that. 


If you share more specifics to your situation, we can dream up all kinds of scenarios! Geriatric care managers and your local Area Agency of Aging can give you a sense of what is available. and type in your loved one's email.





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