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I would enjoy communicating with people. I am retired, but I was a cosmetologist, a nurse, and lastly a massage therapist. We farm for 30 years crops and cattle. Lost my husband a year ago which was devastating. Getting back on my feet has been difficult as we live in a rural area and there’s very few people around in the country. Not looking for sympathy, but want to try something different, talking with a penpal and learning about people outside of my area

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Welcome to AARP JuleeB,


      I recently became aware of this - click here -----> The Ethel from AARP: Weekly Newsletter for Women 55+ (


..... and their Facebook group - click here -----> The Ethel | Facebook


..... plus a 'select' Facebook group - click here ------> The Ethel Circle | Facebook


     With these AARP connected Facebook groups - you can discuss/ share and listen to various women  with limitless amounts of knowledge and experiences from all over the country.


😎   ( With the Facebook links - you may need to shut-off your 'adblocker' - temporarily at first  )

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