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Pen pal request

I am a senior and live alone. I am wanting to explore the pen pal program. I think it would be a way to stay social. Because of hand contractures it's difficult for me to write cursive but I can use email, text, messenger no problem. Wondering if there are pen pals who use these systems.

I am a retired Disability Law Advocate.

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Greetings Marion,


 My name is Margreta. I use mostly email. I'm 63 and God has blessed me to work full time for a Non-Profit Organization. I enjoy reading and studying the Bible,listening to worship and praise while joining in. Have a blessed evening in Jesus name

Margreta Maple
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Margareta, how very nice to hear from you! I live alone now as my sister passed last year. Since this pandemic and winter here in Missouri has isolated me most days I thought a pen pal connection would be a nice way to connect socially. I have two little dogs that keep me company, a little rescue dachshund named Buster who is seven and a miniature Greyhound who is 14 Delilah. I have four children my oldest daughter passed away from cancer when she was 39 but the other three live pretty close to me and I have 8 grandchildren and 4 Great grandchildren.

I was a single mom raising four children so the busyness of that and working jobs constantly I find myself wondering how to fill the time with this empty nest LOL

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Hi Marion. My name is Patricia, but my friends call me Patty or Pat. You can use any 1 you like. I am almost 61, live in NC. for 13 years. Originally from Long Island, NY. I live in a retirement community with my husband Ray, and our 2 Siamese cats Leah n Molly.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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