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I'm a widow of ten some years, and would love to be able to chat with other people that has free time. And like meeting new and interesting people from places near and far.  I live in Buffalo N.Y, and at the moment we're experiencing weather with lots of snow. Which we are noted for snow storms and hopefully never another Blizzard. But thankfully at the end of these storms, our house is still standing. Hopeful of meeting people in other states to learn of their home town as well.

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Hi there.. Cold here also, about 50.. Ok I am in Oregon

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Hi Mary I am new to this site.  I live in Maryland with my dog Rockie.  We moved from Chicago in 2020.  The weather is pretty good.  I enjoy any kind of weather.  I like being outdoors. My neighbors hate the snow and complain even if we get an inch.  


Good Morning MaryG,

    I am also a widow (almost 6 years), I live in Chicago IL., we also received snow from that last snow, not as much as you all. I also enjoy meeting new people and traveling (although I don't travel anymore). I would enjoy getting to know you, I do still work... part-time, I didn't enjoy my year of forced retirement in 2020, after 40 years of a career I loved.





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Hi Shari, I am new to this site.  I lived in Chicago until 2020, than moved to Maryland.  It is really nice and friendly.  The weather is not bad, but we got snow.  I was the only one out enjoying the snow with my dog Rockie.

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