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Newest ACE! @santaboba

Happy first few days of Fall to everyone! A recent addition to our ACE crowd is happy because that means it's one step closer to Christmas! Let me introduce him to everyone...


A member of the community for just over two months, santaboba has certainly made his mark. 


You can find him spreading the holiday joy all year long in our various Home & Family / Entertainment forums. 


Say Hello!

Regular Contributor

Thank you for the nice welcome and introduction, @AARPMichaelP! I'm very happy that fall is here. The weather is so wonderful. Actually, the "ber" months are my favorite times of year (SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER, and DecemBER) because of the seasons and holidays.


I've really been enjoying the community here and have already met many nice folks. I appreciate you all being welcoming and fun to chat with.


Happy fall, y'all! 🍂

Silver Conversationalist

Congratulations @santaboba!

Regular Contributor

Thank you, dear @LindaB671!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Congrats, @santaboba, thanks for being here!!

Regular Contributor

Thanks so much, @AARPLynne

Community Manager
Community Manager

Congrats on your ACE role @santaboba!  What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Regular Contributor

Thanks again, @AARPMichaelP! I would have to go with White Christmas. It's such a classic and I love the music in it.

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