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Need help keeping my dog

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph and I live alone with my two dogs.  LilBit Cunningham (13) a small terrier mix, and Bruce (7/8) a mix-breed pointer-retriever.  Lilbit has been with me for 12 years now, and Bruce was dumped in our neighborhood about five years ago.

For some reason, Bruce and I clicked, and my landlord said she thinks Bruce adopted me and not the other way around.  He is a sweet dog, quiet and people friendly.  Scared of storms and fire-works, but other than that a very good friend and a wonderful companion.

A year ago, Bruce became ill and with help from a neighbor I got him to the vet, where we found out Bruce is diabetic.  So twice a day I get his syringe ready and give him his dose of Vetsulin with his "dinners".

His health improved, but he lost his sight, so now he is blind.

This is where I need help, and I hope some of you out there in AARP land can assist me, and share Bruce's story with friends and family.

I am on Social Security and Medicare.  Most of you know how that goes.  Not easy with prescriptions and other medical expenses.

The way things are going these days, it looks like I may have to give up Bruce because it's getting to the point where I won't be able to afford his syringes, Vetsulin and vet visits to check his blood sugar levels.

I started a GoFundMe page for Bruce, but we have not had much success with it.

I am a bit of a loner and not much for social media.  My dogs are my only real friends, so this is killing me.  I need help to keep Bruce home with me and LilBit.  I can't stand the thought of him being stuck in a cage in a shelter.  No one would want an old blind dog who's sick.

If you can help an old man keep his friend I would be forever grateful.


the GoFundMe page is "help Bruce stay alive and well"


I also have a Twitter page for Bruce @JosephB60603620


Thank you for helping us if you canBruce on his "blankie" with LilBitBruce on his "blankie" with LilBit


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