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I was in a doctor's office today with my daughter.  We were both a little nervous, because she was having staples removed, and was waiting to hear the results of a pathology report.


Usually the doctor and his nurse are very reassuring.  They make friendly small talk, and smile often.  


But this time, we were all masked.  It was hard to make small talk.  There was a lot of, "I'm sorry.  What did you say?"  So, small talk was minimal.  And smiles were hidden.  Or, so I thought....


But I was wrong.  Genuine, heartfelt smiles reach the eyes.  They saw our smiles, and recognized our need for reassurance.  We saw their smiles, and were reassured.




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I see lots of smiles through people's eyes and I enjoy every one. All it takes is a slight narrowing to almost a squint and I see their smile underneath.
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