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My name is Roberta

Greetings. I was a member of AARP for a long time, but was busy working as a teacher. I retired in June, 2020, just in time for COVID. I live alone with 4 cats and would love to have some penpals. My interests are art, gardening, pottery, painting, reading, board games, Words With Friends, and, of course, cats. Pre-COVID, I enjoyed going to art openings, museums, movies, and festivals. So, everyone, wear your masks and reply if you would like to be my penpal.


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I am not sure if I can handle a dog and a cat.

I am moving from an apartment to a house.  I will have space for both. 

I like cats, i had two siameses years ago.

Here in the apartment I would need to pay extra.

My daughter has 3 cats and one dog a Chocolate Labrador. 

Keep in touch.

My name is Beatriz but everybody had problems calling my name, I shortened to Bea 🙂

You can call me any Beatriz or Bea.


Beatriz Cortes
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Hi Roberta!

Nice to meet you.  I live with three cats...two are mostly outdoor and my new kitten is totally indoor.

Sounds like you have a lot of the same interests I do.  My main interest is art, since I am semi-retired and owner of an art studio/art gallery.  I love gardening, reading, puzzles, and anything that challenges my brain.

I'd be happy to chat with you online.

-- Rosemary

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Hi Rosemary,

Thanks for replying so soon. It seems we would have a lot to chat about. Do we chat on this AARP website? I couldn't find a chatroom here.

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Hi Roberta,

I am a retired teacher too.  I would like to be one of your penpals, however I hope that you live around or close and we can plan activities. 

I live in Orlando, FL.

I don't have pets, but, I will soon.


Beatriz Cortes
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Hi Bea,

I love your name. I forgot to say that I live in Tucson, Arizona. I hope we can chat anyway. I'm interested in knowing what kind of pet you'll be getting. I'm a total expert on cats. I even have a 17-yr-old cat who's had diabetes for the past 3 years. She's such a sweetheart even though I have to stick needles in her 4 times/day. She sleeps next to my pillow.


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