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Example of Why Veteran Suicides are so high.


Example of Why Veteran Suicides are so high.

I received a letter on Nov.8 2022, from the VA, not really, it's actually from the DJS (department of Justice by another name).

A quote:

"We propose to terminate your award effective Oct.1 2016, because your annual income of $15,408.00 is in excess of the allowable limit of $12,868.00 for a veteran with no dependents for the year 2016."


Listed below (same page) would be every year since 2016, except for 2022, which has not completed yet.

They want the money back and will be taking 100% of my $15,408.00 in Social Security funds to repay said "Fraud". 

I am sure charges are about to be brought forth.

By now I am sure everyone realizes charges won't matter. With Zero income and at 68 years old 125 pounds and still dropping weight, I won't survive. 


After so many phone calls 3 to law firms, a few to the crises line, and finally someone said,

let's have a Veterans service officer call you. That was yesterday. 

So, from Nov. 8 to Nov 22, I was left to contemplate this alleged fraud, it's results.

Ruffly speaking about 100 grand in 7 years.


My 73 year old "Lady Dianne" (her SS keeps us afloat at $728 a month) will be (maybe) returning to her Son's home in the North, likely the basement, where as the $1200 a month in rent we pay (22 page lease) will be completely unable to pay, so by Feb1 2023, the eviction will be enforced, but the power and water will go off long before that. You know where I will be. 


I am a veteran, I served in the US Air Force but never made it thru tech school. It snowed in Biloxi, and I hit another Airman in the head with a snowball I packed to hard, and then I mistake told a shrink what I really thought and out the door I went diagnosed as skits oid.

A general discharge which turned to honorable in 6 months was carried out.

My DD214 form has many errors on starting with the wrong SS number a series of ---- for the line 9C "Authority and reasons". There is also a large circle with a round solid dot in the section marked

"Remarks". This is so anyone who views my DD214 form will know I am an A-HOLE.


Was I ever informed of my condition in writing or treated in Dec. of 1974 or at anytime since then?

Sure, starting with this pension, I went for treatment. 

Your math is correct, I suffered, untreated not knowing, for 40 years.


On the call today I will attempt to get this "Pension" turned into a "disability", which by now most will agree is or was the more proper way to handle my claim. (stop laughing at that one will ya)


The real kick the Butt? I spent 40 years in I.T. I retired as the Senior Applications and Operating system specialist for the global IT solution center for one of the world's largest Corp.

Two, too, to, 2, bad they never paid me over $35.00 an hour, while living in a large expensive city.

I could be a multi-million Aire in under 20 minutes. I know that much about the piss pour banking system and it's lack of proper security. I keep my computers unpluged and have not logged in here for 3 years. Oh yea, I found this computer after the last hurricane, I rinsed it out with a garden hose and properly dried and rebuilt it. Just one of many abilities this mad man has.

I can repair anything man made. Car's, boats, planes, sub's, I can even Paint like the factory did.


"What do you need Son?"

I am a honest man and would never take what is not mine.

I am on the top 3 Job boards and took out a Gofundme. 

REALLY? none of this is gonna happen is it. Stop lying to yourself.


So, that's the rest of the story and of course just like the beatings I took as a child that made me this way, no one will be coming to help, not now, not for me, not for any veteran.

we were all so wrong. You - the American people, are not worth it.

How many Billions have we sent to Ukraine?

Every "Illegal alien" gets something like $61,000 in benefits the 1st years.

Don't start on how much money has been printed for all the others in the world.


you won't see our names on the news, in fact, you won't see us at all.


Please don't contact me at all, don't think " I can help", you cannot and are more likely to become a target of some kind than to be of assistance.


AARP Expert

I ditto what Jane said - she knows her stuff! A qualified veterans service officer should be able to help, and if the one you talk to today doesn't help, try another. Here is the search tool to find an accredited Veterans Service Organization (VSO) near you I have had good luck with contacting a U.S. state representative or senator to advocate for veterans - they have staffers who focus on that. The VA listens when they call. So don't hesitate to do as Jane suggested and contact yours (and it doesn't even have to be one representing your area - it can be from any area in your state - we did that for help with something my dad was dealing with as a veteran and it worked.) 


I, too, had a weird mix up happen with the VA and they wanted a lot of money back from my Dad's Aid and Attendance benefits. But our lawyer helped us fight it (at no charge for his services) and eventually got it straightened out. But it took so long that Dad died before it was settled. Nevertheless, don't give up! Keep at it! We are here to support you. 


I want to make sure you are aware of AARP's Veterans Resource Center at - lots of good information, articles and tools there. 


Take care,

Amy Goyer, AARP Family & Caregiving Expert

Author, Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving



AARP Expert

Hey, Franklin,


You have a lot of complaints here. The most recent and immediate one has to do with the financial support from the VA. I have had very good luck with calling the constituent services person who works for one of the senators in our state. When the issue is federal, those staff people know who to call, especially if the senator has been in office a while. You don't have to have voted for him or her. Just say you have a tangled story and need help. Keep the request focused on the loss of income. See what happens.


If you're feeling so frustrated that you are contemplating suicide, please dial 988, the suicide hotline. Reach out. You're clearly a bright man and you've survived this long. Thank you for writing about your situation. Stay with us. Keep writing. 



Regular Contributor

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I work with a Veterans Nonprofit foundation and I would love to help find you an attorney that will actually help you. Please email me in the link below. Sending prayers and hugs! 

Cat Parker
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