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The importance of "After Action Reports"

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The importance of "After Action Reports"

Well, the latest apocalypse is releasing its icy grip on Texas but it's going to be a while before things return to normal. Luckily, hurricane supplies also help when an ice storm has taken down the state's infrastructure. Between the generator, camp stove, previously stored water, and Monopoly we made it through with only a few issues. So, now it's time to create the After Action Report (AAR).


The purpose of an AAR is to write down what worked, what didn't work, and what changes need to be done to prepare for the next time. Granted, I'm a die-hard list maker, so creating AARs comes naturally to me. I write one up after every camping, business, or road trip...and every natural disaster (Texas gives a fair amount of practice!). In an emergency, stress can make one forgetful...especially if the time between events is long. Having a go-to list of what you need to do really helps, particularly in the case of natural disasters when it's easy to start panicking. These reports also force you to think about what you might want/need in the future and give you the incentive to get it. 


If people want, I'll post the AAR I create for the Texas 2021 Winter Storm.



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