Smoking in no smoking building what can I do

I have been staying inside because high risk. I had lung cancer half of lung removed COPD. I live in no smoking building now that the stay home is here  There are people smoking it makes me sick, can't breath Doctor had to send script. I got air purifier then I asked manager to help she said could not do anything I asked her to put no smoking fliers so far nothing. What can I do without getting tossed out it is affordable housing.

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I would assume that if you live in a NO SMOKING building, than the manager could surely do something about people who are smoking inside!  That would go against what you came to believe would be your living situation.  Who do you pay your rent to?  I would contact them.  They should certainly be aware that the tenants are going against their wishes to keep it a non-smoking environment.  You have every right, as a tenant, to stop it from happening, and I wouldn't worry about being "tossed out."

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@ManicProgressive is right, @nancycoz46 ...


I smoke, but I always learn and observe laws and regulations. If your property has shared hvac, there are state regulations to protect you.


For example, in Nevada, shared hvac prohibits smoking in a building, and within 35 feet of a public structure. That means I can't live in condo with shared heat and air conditioning, and I can't smoke within 35 feet of a door to any building.


Many people don't respect laws and/or regulations, unfortunately. I do. I suggest you research local regulation; perhaps work to change.



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Are the prohibitions against smoking in the lease? If so the property owner needs to enforce it. Is there a city or county agency that deals with landlord tenant issues? They may be able to help. 

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