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Hello everyone,


Has anyone used this site to find a roommate to share your home or does anyone have a site to recommend for mature aged adults to use to find roommates to share their homes?


Thanks in advance for your replys and enjoy your day.


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Hi @PrettyinPink16 ,


I can't tell you if anyone is using this particular site for finding a housemate but I know there are a few resources out there to choose from. 


Annamarie Pluhar runs a Facebook group called Hello Housemate where people post their needs and availability.  She also has a group chat she conducts a Q & A session a couple of times monthly and you could learn more by subscribing to her newsletter. You can find a treasure trove of resources at her website Sharing Housing.

I highly recommend all of the resources Annamarie offers.


Silvernest is one place you may be able to find a housemate: they are used by HomeShare Oregon to vet and find homes to share and it has been a very successful collaboration for them, finding homes for more than 900 matches in the past two years.


There is also a newer site which launched recently called Boomer Roomers which I can't vouch for but they are working to serve this population.


The National Shared Housing Resource Center has a small directory of state listings that may be helpful to you?


I don't know where you live but there are a lot of resource available. I've been working on highlighting the voices behind shared housing on Facebook as The Share, have a fledgling webpage and youTube channel where I've been highlighting folks who have been sharing or have expertise in this area.


I'll be jumping on here now and again feel free to reach out to let me know what you've found or if you need additional resources! 



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I'm always on the lookout for folks interested in telling others about their positive shared housing experience so feel free to reach out!




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