Seeking Info on Renting Out Home While Traveling

Hey there. I’m wondering what the experience has been of seniors who rent their homes through, e.g., AirBNB, or longer term rentals?  My sister in law is retiring and going on some extended traveling and wants to know what options she might have renting her nicely furnished house.  She and the house are in Las Vegas. Thanks. 

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Hi, saw your post and was wondering if she might be interested in some one house sitting? Just a thought. I would like to travel to different places however with limited funds I am unable to pay for the housing costs. I am not tied done to anything or one so I have no time limits perse. If she is interested we can skype or speak on the telephone whichever is easiest. I would like to be able to enjoy my alone time now that I have raised 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters. If interested please give me a call or send a text or an email. My information is as follows:

469-733-3355, and I will set=up a skype if you would prefer it, so we can see each other. Thank you.

Sandra Castro

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I hope both of you ladies can see my reply to this post, I was just at my wit's end and started browsing and fund this community post. I would very much love to do this type of lifestyle!!! I mean the house sitting. I myself am retired I have been babysitting my grandchildren for the past 5 years, well they are now able to participate in all kinds of activities so I have become obsolete. I was asked to please find somewhere to go for Spring break because they will be going to Disney World.  So I am looking for something new for me to do. If either of you ladies sees my post and is interested please do not hesitate to either call me, send me a text message or send an email. I am enclosing the following information for you to reach out to me if you think I can be of some help.  Maybe we could do a simple exchange of services. Like I watch your home and you do not have to pay me. Or whatever we can come up with. Just trying to keep it simple.  Thank you.

Sandra Castro



I wish you'd gotten more responses, I have a similar question.  Did you post anywhere else and get more responses?

I'm still 2 yrs + 11 months away from retirement (who's counting?! ha ha), and I would love to rent out my house for a year and travel from city to city (with my cat) renting a studio apartment from 1 to 3 months (depending on how appealing the city).  If I enjoy it, I might do it for a couple years. 

A property management company sounds like a good idea, I have a coworker who is building an income stream by buying houses and renting them out, so I plan to ask him how he found his property management person.

I don't know what to do with my stuff tho.  No doubt a pile of it would travel with me in my car, but there might be other things I would want to keep but not carry along.  I suppose renting the house furnished would solve the 'what to do with the furniture' problem, but there are still the misc items like photos, old diaries, etc. 

What did your sister-in-law wind up doing, and is she happy with it?


I'd recommend she look for a management company willing to manage her rental on AirBNB or Homeaway. We've used both for years on a rental home we have, and it's hard to get long term renters. The longest term we've had was 2-months.  She might also look for professional House-sitters.  They pay a lower rental amount, but are bonded and will make sure the property is well cared for, for as long as your sister plans to be gone.  Good luck!

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