Need volunteer help loading a uhaul mid may 2022

I need help with loading a few furniture items onto a uhaul. 

I am taking several loads myself in my trailblazer so there will only be a few items. I don’t have any family and I really need help. 


 I am disabled, low income. 


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(2 comments) ➡️ Hi @LorraineT500527 , I hope you are well and was able to find some help! Nicole 🙂 ⬅️

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Perhaps if you contact the local VFW or American Legion and ask if there are anky able body men who can help load the u-haul due to your health conditions you may be surprised at the results or even finding out the local boy scouts that are teenagers trying to meet their goals may be helpful..I would call the town hall to see if these organizations are listed....Good Luck ..

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Forgive me for spelling in the word are not "anky" fingers must have danced...

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Why not contact the local high school and ask for the guidance dept. or perhaps if you have a senior citizens group in your area they may know of someone to give you a hand...

Athens county ohio

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Athens is a bit far away from me, but I know the community pretty well. I would reach out to some of the locals there. Of course, avoid some of the crazy ones, the college aged druggy in the bathroom of Union Street Diner and the homeless guy with the dog. The guy semi-near Pancake Road and Pancake Cemetery (he sells wood, not sure of his exact location as I don't know the area too well) is pretty nice and resourceful. He is also older, but might know someone who could help. I think that Athens has a Facebook page for the area where people in the community get together. 

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