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Sweating is not a solution for weight loss.

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My functional medicine doctor got a far infrared sauna for her office recently, and from what she's said & I've read, they're very good for both blood & lymph circulation, and sweating is good for detox. Her guidelines for using the sauna insist on good hydration before, during & after each session, and recommend chlorella to aid with detox. I've been going for hour-long sessions for about a month, and over time you begin to sweat faster, and it feels great.

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Sweating because of the suit and not the lights, eh, @fwarren1? 🙂


Good explanation of the function of sweat and the need to remain hydrated while working out. Of course, sweating while working out is a good thing, but it is the working out that provides weight loss benefits. I always workout to sweat, but the point of that is that sweat helps rid the body of impurities. 


Keep busting those weight loss myths and cons!



"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving

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