Supplements, Over the Counter, and Prescription Drugs

I've started looking into things... Medications and Supplements, and find that the majority of these things come from China. It maybe just the ingredients or the finished product. There is little to no inspection! I'm wondering if AARP could look into it and publish a list of companies that have any part of their production in China. The would give us a choice and a chance. Thank You!

Super Contributor is an independent, "Consumer Reports" for OTC dietary supplements. They do a fantastic job of testing and then reporting on which supplements can be trusted and which are probably junk. Like Consumer Reports, they do require a subscription to read their full reports.

YouTube: DrMerriwether
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When the course of treatment for many new drugs (often manufactured in China anyway) exceeds the US yearly average income something is wrong - insurance or no insurance. The government is not protecting its citizens. “Spending $4.45 billion over the past 22 years, the pharmaceutical and health products industry has far outpaced all other industries in lobbying spending.…” (Investopedia). These lobbys contribute to both major parties so it doesn’t matter who wins, WE LOOSE! ..... Neither party will take a position against their largest contributors (and we are funding this misbehavior).

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I've heard about this ! And it makes me really ticked. There's enough Chinese junk in this country now. Oh, yeah, they could have kept their virus too.

I don't know who, if anyone, could /would help us on this. If I find out, I'll sure post the info.

Too much deception out there !

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