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Smart Drivers Course, Pennsylvania Mandated Discount "Be Aware"


Smart Drivers Course, Pennsylvania Mandated Discount "Be Aware"

I took, and successfully completed the AARP Smart Drivers Online Course, and feel that I’m a safer driver because of it.


I then contacted my former insurance company, Safeco, and they refused to give me the Pennsylvania mandated discount at that time. After that I decided to look for a new insurance provider and cancelled my policies before Safeco’s response. The new carrier was much more economical.


Safeco eventually said that I would have gotten the discount but only after contacting my state representative, the state insurance department and the Pennsylvania department on aging. I fear that without spending all my time and effort, I wouldn't have gotten the discount. Also, I think that Safeco will not voluntarily give this discount to any senior without jumping through a bunch of hoops as I did.


So, if you take the smart  driver course, please check with your insurer, and if they refuse to give mandatory discounts, contact the state insurance department. Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, the insurance department wouldn't enforce the mandatory discount with fines or any other reparation, because Safeco eventually offered me the discount, after policy cancelation. This seems to be on an individual basis, and only if you press your case you may get the discount.

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That's nothing new, with Safeco.  No breaks, as far as they're concerned.

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