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Just Checking In to Say Hi

Hey all my fantastic AARP Family! Just checking in seeing how you all are doing and hoping you all are staying safe and keeping your spirits up.


Want to remind you all that it is not over until the Fat Lady stops singing and from where I stand, she's going to be singing for a long time so might as well join in.


Remember, thoughts create things and in spite of the madness going on we can and should take moments to go to that peaceful and loving place in our minds and just chill-lax. 


Pour yourself a big one of whatever you like to drink🍹 and give yourself a big social distancing hug🤗 from me.



Social Butterfly

@AARPRachelA ; Good morning and thank you. Sending out a virtual hug to you as well 🤗

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ToniS570313 and @OscarE1968! Sending you both virtual hugs 🤗🥂


Thank you for the reminders, Toni. They are a lovely balm for my mind, body, and soul 💜

Social Butterfly

@ToniS570313 ; Amen to that Ms. Toni Thank you 🙂👍🍻🍸🍹

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