How to increase my weight 50 to 53 with a month

How to increase my weight 50 to 53 with a month

I am very interested to know about it. Please give me some tips for it

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I hesitate to give an opinion on this, because it might not be healthy to gain that much so soon. I, like a lot of people, have just the opposite issue that i'm working on.  I don't know personally how one would gain that much in a month. Lots of biscuits and gravy, potato chips etc. 🙂  I do know that my brother put on A LOT of weight and pretty fast by eating a 1/2 or a gallon of ice cream every night. (don't remember which) 


Of course there's lots of information all over the WWW, but since you posted this i'm guessing you want some personal experience with this.🤔


Best of luck...

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