Eating with type 2 Diabetes

I know how you feel.  We go to the doctor and he/she says " Your A1C is high what are eating"? When we are first diagnosed, we really don't have a grasp on how much our eating has to change. With this condition what we eat plays a HUGE  role.  I decided to use my experience in meal planning, and write a book specific to trying to eat with diabetes. I believe AARP bookstore is going to carry it?  I give you the link where you can get it. Priced low for everyone. I will have more conversations about a lot of Senior topics.

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Nice job with the cookbook! Especially now, with certain staple foods disappearing from store shelves, more D2 friendly recipes are a necessity.


In your work in patient nutritional care did you ever explore the blood sugar reducing effect of high mucilage plants such as okra, prickly pear cactus, fenugeek seeds, mallows, etc? The mucilage strongly hydrogen-bonds to sugar molecules and only slowly releases them in the intestines. This in turn helps keep the blood sugar concentration lower and more easily managed. There's lots of good research on this. Here's just one of many such scientific studies:


Also, pro-tip: build up your Amazon author page. You have a lot of good information and experience that would raise your stature in the eyes of people trying to decide about buying your books. 🙂
YouTube: DrMerriwether
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