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Cook or Housekeeper?

So basically, you could have someone who dusted, vacuumed , mopped floors, cleaned bathrooms, did laundry and took out the garbage.  The other choice is someone who menu planned, grocery shopped, cooked and baked, kept the kitchen cleaned and organized and did all the dishes.   Which one would you like?


Even though I enjoy cooking, I would pick having a cook over housekeeper. Now if I could alternate them weekly, I would be in hog heaven!


Which one for you?



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A cook for sure, to make healthier meals and decide the menus. It's such a pain figuring out what to have everyday. My wife and I have always split cleaning and cooking chores 50/50 (except when it came to ironing my uniforms- that was all me) and would love to hand over the cooking to someone else. 

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Steve the @postman29  That's great that you and your wife split chores.  I do nearly all of the cooking, my husband does a bit more cleaning then I do, does the repairs and upgrades to the house, takes out garbage and bill paying. Lately he's been doing a lot of upgrades and some small repairs since it's a new house for us.  

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That's awesome. I'm trying to convince my wife to buy a new home while the market is hot. We have been replacing and repairing things in our house for 28 years now. As happy as we are here I think we can make new memories with a new home. Let some younger buyers continue with any upgrades they would like. 

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Steve the @postman29  I'll send my husband for repairs and upgrades.

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I'll take the help- I've done enough lol. More time for me to golf!😀

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Steve the @postman29  And don't forget your stand up routine.

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