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Can I get daily fitness videos via email?

I'd like to wake up to a daily fitness video (link) I can do that shows up in my email everyday - instead of having to web surf and look for them. Does anyone know if there is  a subscription service like that?  Ideally, for seniors/beginners level.  It sounds fun to try new things.

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Hi, KateHarp!


I wake and my "home" page, takes me where I need to go; then from the top left "Menu" click on Videos>Health>Fitness. Currently there are 77 videos, including by Bryant Johnson, Denise Austin, and more, and include chair/adapted strength and other possibilities. This has become one of my most important AARP benefits!


This selection is one of my favorites and became more so during the initial COVID wave; hopefully you'll find them useful!



hth, KateHarp!



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