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A mean monster or a man with Wisdom

I know I have been seeing my share of lies about the COVID-19 vaccine and have been watching all the outbreaks on the news.  But what also burns me is why do some people think that if people have to drum up a lie about being vaccinated and wearing a mask.  I had to block several people on Facebook and YouTube for making false statements about wearing masks and being vaccinated.  Getting rid of the vaccine is certainly not going to come with a wave of a magic wand.  That only happens in children's storybooks.  I know some might say I am being just plain rude and being a mean monster, I am glad that people do say that if the virus does go down after I say a few words about the vaccine that people do pay attention.  When people do listen to me, and yes, I do sometimes have to ask if the kids wants the video game stores to remain open and if they want the video game stores to remain open that they should get a vaccine against the virus and I tell them if the virus gets out of control, that video game stores could close.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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It sure is a mixed up, crazy situation we have here ! Vaccinate or not ? Vaccines full of bacteria or not ? Mask up or not ? Masks attract bacteria & viruses, or not ? I had both shots, now they say those of us fully vaccinated will lose our immunity by years end. Better get a booster ! Then maybe another one after that. Hospitals encouraged to report every death as a covid death, regardless of the real reason.

What are we to believe ? Maybe this insane society would be better off if listening to us-the antique generation. We've seen a lot; lived through a lot. (Everyone else is just chasing their tails)

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The truth is that vaccines are not full of bacteria.  Those things has been tested hundreds of times.  Psychics may say that those who have been fully vaccinated will lose our full immunity.  But to me, those psychics need to shut up.  I know that sounds rude, but as long as they test those things in the first place, there is no way we are going to lose our full immunity.  But if I get the president to make an executive order to have all psychic shops and offices remain closed until the pandemic is over, I would be looked at as a mean man and get accused really fast for shoving my beliefs down someone's throat.  Thank goodness the fact checkers get the facts from scientists to see if we would truly lose our immunity if we get vaccinated.  The old antique generation I do think works well.  Best thing to do is to once we get vaccinated, if we take a day off or two after the vaccination, then for sure we are safe.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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