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Positives and negatives of Pets

A little dog named Alice is up for adoption. I am familiar with being a pet owner. However since I've had a dog the rules have changed. Poop bags are now required mostly everywhere. And what if Alice has to go out at night. I'm leary of that since there are coyotes around. I also have a lovely neighbor named Alice. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't think I named the dog Alice on purpose. She already had the name. But my neighbor is quite elderly and I don't know how she'd take it. The other neighbors might think it's funny they both have the same name. I wouldn't want that to be disrespectful to my neighbor. At one time I had a dog and changed. it's name. The dog got very confused. I'm  73 and don't know if I'm too old to care for a dog. 

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1 comment (8/11/23)


Hi @mc6844 , I DO NOT have any BUT luv ALL my furbaby 🐕🐈 FRIENDS!!!


LAST night while taking out trash, Mr. No Name (a stray cat) 🐈 meowed = wanting a "belly rub" which I did.


TODAY at Walmart, Ms. Sassy 🐕 and her dad said hello. She was riding around with dad in the handicapped cart. Got some Doggie Talk in!


JUST NOW, while "unpacking" groceries from my car 😭, my next door furbaby friend, Sweetie 🐈 decided to escape when her mom opened her door.


Lol, WE got our workout getting a hold of her. Gave her some luv then she went back inside with mom.


Some days I prefer animals over humans. 😂🤣😱


Nicole 🙃

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