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New Year - What's Next?

I have been reflecting on how I should proceed in 2022.  In the past, before my husband got sick and then died, I used to view January as an opportunity for new beginnings- trying new ideas, refreshing perspectives, and embarking on new adventures.  That doesn't mean I always succeeded but I liked the possibility of a fresh start.  As Nina Simone recorded, "It's a New Dawn, it's a New Day...."  The rest of the lyrics go "It's a New Life for Me and I'm Feeling Good." Can't say that part is true for me but maybe I should start thinking that way.  I am still grieving, which is understandable given my husband of 48 years died in mid-October. Yes, the last 2 years have been very rough for both of us, but that dark time cannot overshadow the many good years we had together.  Caregiving to a terminally ill spouse or other loved one unfortunately can take over your life and perspective on life.  I feel I need to start resetting my priorities to attain a New Life, meaning finding purpose and establishing new relationships.  How do I plan to achieve happiness?  What does it mean to me - gratitude, making a difference, humor, hobbies, friends, having fun?  Don't really know.  My script has not been written.  But I am hoping I can achieve a New Day and with it a New Life.  Happy New Year.  Sue

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