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Memorial Day and Grief

As we go into Memorial Day weekend, I'm missing my Dad so much. He died June of last year so it's almost been a year and as we get closer to the first anniversary of his passing (June 13) I find myself more weepy than ever. I just miss him so much - know what I mean? I miss my life as his caregiver, I miss his sweet spirit, I miss his hugs, I miss making him happy, I miss doing the little things that added quality to his life and made him more comfortable, I miss his energy in our home. It's been such a rough year. Harder than I thought it would be...


Many of you are grieving for loved ones who had military service in their backgrounds - my Dad was in the 10th Mtn Division in WWII in Italy, and also served during the Korean war (he was stationed in Germany). I made this video about my trip to Italy tracing his path in WWII, and then I came home and told him about it. His comments to me at the end of the video mean the world to me - he understood I did it for him and that fills my heart. 


Here's honoring my Dad and all who have served for our country, and most especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving - that's what Memorial Day is all about. Hope you enjoy this video...


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