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Lost husband a year ago, I'm in a depression

 I'm depressed, I need help please..

Silver Conversationalist has both free and paid, licensed counselors that can help with pretty much anything related to metal health issues. Grief, depression, all things like that are their specialties. Won't cost anything but a moment of your time to look. You can click that link at the beginning of this message.

Here's a screenshot of their home page. They come with some pretty good references, I'd say. Good luck to you.


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Being depressed over the loss of a loved one is nothing to be fearful of or ashamed of.  It's a very natural process that takes place for your (emotional) heart to heal.  

I joined a support group through one of the local hospitals that helped tremendously.  It was a group of people experiencing various stages of loss and grief who were able to talk openly, and express how they were feeling without judgement from anyone else.  

Another thing I would suggest is making an appointment with your physician to discuss treatments for depression and sleep aids.  They can also help, even on a temporary basis.  

Please, take care of yourself.  I care.


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First off, I’m truly sorry for your loss. I also lost my husband of nearly 25 years on August 7, 2018.

I think of him and miss him every day. And 
I doubt that will change for me. Some days

are ok and some days are devastating.
Everyone’s way of 
grieving is different.

For me, it comes in waves. I am lucky

enough that I am usually home alone

when it happens. I’m not going to tell

you what didn’t work for me because we are all different. But here’s what helped me a lot. If you

have children, they can be a source of support

but I try not to burden them too much as they

have lost their Father. All my boys, who are

adults, are still grieving also so I try not

to overburden them. A good friend gave

me a book called “Widow to widow” by

Genevieve Davis Ginsburg. It’s in chapters for different sections of your life and you read what

you need at the moment. It’s $9.99 on Amazon.

It has helped me a lot. You also need to find something to do that will keep your brain

occupied. For me, that is the Rock Forum on

AARP. I can use my love of music in a positive

way and it gives me something to do when

I’m feeling down. No one can see you

cry when you’re on there. I wish you all the

best during your journey. It’s a journey that

none of us are ever prepared to take 😢🙏



I, too, lost my beloved of 48 years on 08/18/2020.  I have since moved from our home in the country to a 3br/2ba home in our nearby "town" with our daughter and her 2 sons (10 & 14).  Life as I knew it while he was alive, is totally gone, and another world has taken its place.  A sad, lonely one, although it is a little better being with the family rather than on my own in the country in a sort of run-down-in-need-of-repair home.  My hubs did everything and spoiled me and I, alas, let him, since I can't seem to figure out how to do much.  I put on a pretty face, but at night, snuggling with my fur-baby, Rascal, the tears flow and the grief and sorrow engulf me.  I KNOW that this is not what he wants, and that I eventually will come out of this fog of grief, but for now, it is here, and not much I can do about it.  But, the only joy I can take is that he is no longer in pain, or suffering, and floats with the angels on high.  I know that we'll both be better one day, but the journey is very difficult and not one anyone can comprehend unless they travelled it as well!  Take care, and prayers for comfort, peace, and strength going out to you!! 

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I just wanted to say i am so sorry for your loss.  There are no words to ease your pain.  I know, from experience, that it's true that time heals...not completely, but enough that one can actually laugh and enjoy life again.


Hopefully you have friends and family for some support...and if truly depressed seek out help.


Hang in will get better. Sending healing prayers your way...


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