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Grieving Through the Holidays

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one (or a job, home, lifestyle, friend, ability...there are so many types of losses). This year, with the pandemic, grief is even more complex, and we are all likely grieving the loss of some of our treasured holiday traditions this year.


Regardless of the type of loss you are experiencing, grief is unique to everyone. There is no one right way to grieve. We all just need to do what feels right to us and try to have healthy outlets (like expressing yourself in this Online Community).


I originally wrote this column in 2012 after my niece died from suicide just after New Year's. That Christmas of 2012 was incredibly difficult for all of us. But I learned a lot. This year I've updated the column to reflect our current pandemic situation.


I hope some of my tips will help carry you through this season. Please share what you've learned in the comments below! Sending you peace and comfort this holiday season and throughout the year. ❤️


9 Tips for Dealing with Grief During the Holiday Season














Take care,

Amy Goyer, AARP Family & Caregiving Expert

Author, Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving

Social Butterfly

This is a very helpful post by @agoyer who is an AARP Expert. We chatted awhile here on the board a few days ago. Our chat is posted here.

AARP Expert

@ByeAll2021 thank you!!! Sending you a virtual hug 🙂 

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June 10, 2021


@agoyer sorry for your loss 😭 and thanks for tips.

AARP Expert

@ByeAll2021 thank you so much - and I hope the tips are helpful! I find that every holiday gets me still. My Dad died 3 yrs ago June 13th - and I still struggle with the grief for him and Mom and my sister and my niece. But I will say. that it's not as intense as it used to be. It does get easier in some ways.  Take care...

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You are welcome @agoyer !!!! It is not just the holidays for me, it is when I have way too much time to think. That is when my tears start. I have learn't to let the crying session run its course and start my meltdown texts to my only child in Melbourne, Florida. I live in Cave Spring, Virginia but will be moving to Florida next year July 2022. The pandemic put my retirement plans on hold and rental prices are ridiculous. I retired last year July 2020 😀 Now to hope life is back to normal by then 🙄 Will miss the 4 seasons, and lol dreading my hot flashes in hot and humid Florida 🤣😂 But I need to move closer = easier end of life process for my sweet and loving daughter. I want to rent a Tiny House in Florida. Here in Virginia they are not zoned. I finally got to see and walk inside one a few years ago. Want one!!! And yes, your tips helped. Thank you 🤗

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AARP Expert

@ByeAll2021 Sounds like you've really got a plan in place and that always feels better!  So fortunate to have a sweet and loving daughter! Good for you for making the move now when you can enjoy life and see her more, and also think ahead to future needs. I live in Alexandria, VA and they just passed an accessory dwelling unit policy - don't know the details but I think tiny houses will be included! They are mostly county or city regulations and zoning. Hope you can find something good in Florida!!! 

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Thank you @agoyer for caring! (lots of hugs coming your way). Angela 😁

AARP Expert

@ByeAll2021 Absolutely! All we can do is one day (sometimes one minute) at a time. Life will always be different, but that doesn't preclude life being good too. Big hugs back to you!!! 💗

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