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Being happy again

I lost my husband on March 23rd 2022. He fought with terminal cancer for 2 yrs. We had only been married for 3 yrs. I remember how happy we were together before the world fell out from under our feet. I was his 24 caregiver the whole time. I never left his side. Now I'm lost. I have no routine and sleep and eat only when I have to. Will I ever find a " normal" again? I've never lost someone I loved so much to something so terrible. I dont know how to not get moving forward. Brenda


Brenda, I feel your pain and hope that you will seek support since it has only been a few weeks since your husband's death.  The first few weeks and months are very raw and give yourself time to cope with the loss.  I got Grievance counseling from one of the hospice providers and that was very helpful to provide some structure and forum to ask questions.  Support from your house of worship if you have one could be another source.  I recommend that you read the various submissions in the AARP Grieving Community since there are many of us going through the pain.  There is no easy answer but remember it will take time so take care of yourself.  There is a future out there for all of us.  My condolences and prays to you.  Take it day by day. Sue

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Give yourself time. I don’t know if you will ever find normal again but I can promise it will get better. When is up to your heart. We all grieve differently and at different paces but you’ll know you’re beginning to heal when you start to develop interests again. Know that you will occasionally have moments of sadness ( I do and my husband passed away in 1975) but years of happy memories. 


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