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How Do You Feel about Catalog Changes?

Hello Rewards Warriors,


Catalog is awful.  Grocery and Uno cards that aren't national and with small discounts.


Daily deals and Instant wins for more points than they are worth.  Weekly wins gone๐Ÿ˜ข


How do you feel about current catalog?


Have a Blessed & Safe Day



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Well guys I have finally joined the ranks of the one million points club. I'm about happy as a tick on a fat dog. Last night I surpassed that monumental level and now am among my fellow reward members who possess an abundant amount of rewards points and no place to redeem them. Smiley Sad


I certainly donโ€™t intend to offend anyone with my 2 cent remarks concerning the current catalog and my thoughts on Covid-19


I will never spend $24 for a $25 gift card. That is downright insulting. 7500 points for a $3 Dunkin gift card is absurd. I would be so embarrassed to try and redeem it for coffee or donut. The Daily Deal is by no means a โ€œDEALโ€ by any stretch of the imagination. Be sure to check out Mondayโ€™s super deal. Where else can you acquire a $5 Bath & Body gift card for $4. After taking the Weekly Win away from us you would think the Daily Deal would be a little more attractive, NOT!. Whatโ€™s with all the $5 gift cards that we are presented with. The Daily Instant Win is almost always $5, and these eCards are for vendors most of us have never heard of or want. I personally have no use for Tim Horton, UNO Pizza, Red Robin, Safeway, ect ect ect. 


Great news members, I see management has decided that Covid-19 is no longer a threat as they have re-introduced Carnival, AMC, & Southwest gift cards into the Rewards Catalog. How about bringing back the Shell, Marathon & BP fuel cards. With gas prices at an all time low this would be a great way to further spread this virus.Man Frustrated


Sorry to say folks but this pandemic is by no means over. We will be dealing with this for some time to come. Itโ€™s just too soon to reopen our country. History will not be kind to all our elected officials who pursue this dangerous irresponsible policy.Man Frustrated


Thatโ€™s my 2 cents, I just had to vent a little.

God bless !!







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Hello Lucy,


My thoughts exactly๐Ÿ˜ค


Congrats on joining the million points club๐Ÿ˜Š


AARP Rewards could ditch the $5 gift cards and help during this pandemic by removing the limit and offering some $20+ (Points Only) gift cards that everyone can use (gasoline cards).


AARP Rewards are you willing to help?  Will you answer the call!


Have a Blessed & Safe Day


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Hello @j751934a 


Thanks for posting your thoughts on current catalog.  So sorry to hear about your huge points lose๐Ÿ˜ข.  


I've lost points for the last (2) days, and maxing out to early.  Maybe this is reason the Transaction History isn't fixed.


The Community sweeps are a distraction, members probably aren't noticing they may not be receiving all their points for Daily activities and losing them for hours used to obtain points.


Have a Blessed & Safe Day


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Not a fan of the newest changes. To top it off, I've lost over 50,000 points since yesterday and get an error when trying to view my transaction history to figure out what may have happened. I'd rather have a functional website than one that is constantly changing.

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Hello @andrewtoo 


I think all the corona virus post for tips is a distraction.  Seen to be posted in the wrong forum,  and being used to maneuver members attention from catalog changes and extra credit to redeem points.


AARP Rewards is a harmful virus to it's members, and it's very sad.


The Instant Win that was recently removed (i.e. Weekly, Monthly) don't really remember.  Stopped playing in February.


Hopefully more members will post concerning the current catalog๐Ÿ˜Š


Have a Blessed & Safe Day


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What happened to the weekly instant win?

The daily instant win alone, many times gives me options that I don't want.

I'm not going to try to find a distant relative that will take a Safeway card.  My mom doesn't have one and we don't, so I'm not going to climb all over my family tree to find someone to take it; I just refrain from entering and be a little unhappy about it. I'm just not entering.  Sometime I like the instant win but would like it to be more than $5.  I hope they run out of Uno's gift cards at some point.


I hope that I have made it clear in my posts that I would like to see more gift cards of national chains.  I don't dislike all of the instant wins.  I'll tag some suggestions below.


A weekly instant win would help, but, many of them didn't work for me in the past.  But, it was better than nothing some days.


I have never met a gourmet burger place that was really gourmet.  So, Red Robin takeout is not in the picture.


I wish the yoga videos were changed back to daily from monthly.  I watched those and they remind me of what to do.  I complete various exercises learned exclusively from the videos.  My exercise is very eclectic.  But, I learn from repetition rather than being forced to watch certain videos, which, frankly, makes me resentful rather than more knowledgeable.


I wish the Daily Deal was at 3PM and the new cards posted at Noon EDT.


And, I know, it's my choice.  I don't have to do anything I don't want to do, but does AARP Rewards really want us unhappy?  I don't know...these are some of my desires, other member have their own and I encourage other members to post their desires, as well.


Still here,

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