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ads on the site

I do know one thing...the ads to the right of the game, any game, are mostly all fraudulent sites...take the women's clothing sites...these are just people in China or wherever.  Their sizes are also false, much smaller than American stores; they also take people's money, but NEVER deliver the clothing.  There are complaints about everyone of them on various other sites; you can go there & check to see if one you are thinking of purchasing something from, is on there.  My bet, it is!!  I contacted AARP about this, mainly because seniors get ripped off everywhere, it seems, so having fraudulent sites on AARP's site, is opening up more fraud for seniors to have to fight against.  It's not fair & if AARP is truly out there to support & protect it's members, then why don't they remove these advertisers from their site???  It's all about money, in my opinion...AARP doesn't really care about seniors at all.  Also why would I volunteer for AARP??  I volunteer, but not under their name...they are doing the work, I am & I won't donate to them either.  I've read a few places where they've indicated where the money goes & I'm not about to support their interests...I would gladly support TRUE senior interests, but this isn't the case with AARP!!!

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@Janet80 The ads you're referring to are part of an automatic program.We do review ads reported by our members and will remove them if they violate our guidelines. Do you remember the name of the company? I will pass this on for review by the team.

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These are the ads that I have copied down, so far...all of these companies are not recognized by BBB or have very low scores because of their complaints for either not sending the merchandise, sizes are not true or people having problems with their order & cannot contact the company.  Ninacloak, Pearlcosy, Holapick, Fashiocosy, Anniecloth, Noracora...there are more, but I've yet to copy their names, since this message.  All of the above companies have far too many problems, described as above; it's not safe to order from any of them.  Also most of them are either out of China or HongKong, even though the return mailing address is for Chicago or California, etc.  There is almost NO WAY to contact the company & most or all do not accept credit cards or Paypal.  The information I read, regarding these & other "fraud" sites, states that you need to check the reviews from a reputable source, NOT THE COMPANY'S SOURCE.  Also, you can check out SHOPSTYLE.COM & some other places for reviews or the BBB, to see if they are legit!  Buyer Beware!!

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@Janet80 thanks for this list! We will get these ads removed.

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Please remove AARP Rewards Matter banner from the AARP exercise site with Denise Austin and Bryant Johnston. My screen is short enough without having to scroll down past banners to see the whole screen. Thank you.

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