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Very Very Upset & Depressed 59 Year Old Single mom of twin 18 year old girls

I did not get the second stimulus money for my girls.  In 2019 they were 16 until September 27th when they turned 17.  IRS considered them to be 17 which was unfair as I needed that money to pay the $500.00 sewer bill to stop the foreclosure on my home.


I cannot get the "renters help/mortgage help"  as I am a home owner with a private sale.  I pay the previous owner payments at an 8% interest rate and another $10.00 per day late fee.  I am always one month behind.


I am a veteran.  I served in the USAR for 12 years but cannot find any of my records.  My DD214 that was located is from my basic training.  I have sent multiple letters and always get the same DD214.  I believe my records could have been burnt in the fire.


I am in despite need of financial help.  My husband walked out on us leaving me with past due property taxes and sewer bill.  I have two years of taxes to pay before the Town of Winslow sends another foreclosure and another $1,200 of sewer left to pay.  I cry constantly as nothing seems to go right for me and the girls.  NOTHING!!


I have learned to be my own plumber, electrician, gardener, oil burner cleaner, carpenter and so much more.  I am 59 years old and I am a Nana to three grandchildren.  I am tired, depressed, and alone.  I do not win the lottery, have money, work or have anything saved.  I adopted my twins when they were nine months old, (they are actually my great nieces).


Go Fund Me was nothing but blank.  Please help me and my girls.  We are broke, poor and tired.  Where do I go for help with my mortgage, sewer bill, property tax bill or anything?

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@nannaof3children Thank you for serving our country and taking the time to share your story. I'd like to share some information that may be helpful. The Eldercare Locator is a nationwide service that connects older Americans with trustworthy local support resources. You can contact the Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116 to see if they are able to provide you with local resources in your area to help with financial assistance and housing options.

Also, you can search free or reduced cost services with AARP Foundation's Local Assistance Directory to find food, housing, health, employment programs and more in your area. You can get started by visiting our site and entering your zip code. Hang in there, you are doing a wonderful job.

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Wow, you are drowning!  Please get some counseling to help you prioritize your problems and work through them one at a time.  Honestly, the first one I would tackle is getting your home refinanced.  8% is way too high!!!!  The previous  owner is ripping you off.  If you can't refinance, how about selling and finding a small place to rent?  I am not sure why you can't get your DD214 replaced to show all your service.  Bug the VA to get that straight.  Part time jobs (hope everyone is vaccinated) would help.  Have a serious talk with your twins.  My heart goes out to you. 

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