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Suggestion to AARP Bulletin Editor

Suggestion to the Editor;

  In the March 2023 edition there is a Your Health section. The section (page 26-27) shows16 steps you can ignore. Good stuff. My suggestion is it should be in the center of the bulletin so members can pull it out and post it, to remind them and other organizations that have bulletin boards, (remember them?) could post it on there so those that aren't internet smart, (Like Me) could read it when they walk by. The use of the pull out center section is a great tool for the end user.

Just a thought.

  You all do good work keep it up.


"In Colorado"

PS: I know it is a long sentence.

Community Concierge

@ek6251 Thank you for your suggestion regarding the format of the Bulletin! I will ensure your comments are forwarded to our publications staff for review. We're always here to help!


BTW, some of the information in that article is just plain wrong.  For example, it says it is a myth that running injures the knee, but the reality is that the knee is the most commonly injured joint among runners.  I have personally known several people who messed up their knees by running (on concrete) and who were told by their doctors to quit running.  Just saying.

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