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Shot Out to Ms. AARP Carolyn/Caroline - Real Custiner Service - Thing of the Past?

I'm not sure if she is Carolyn or Caroline.  But she deserves a shot out.  She was so very, very helpful and patient in assisting me this week with some login issues. She walked me through the steps and made sure I understood everything before getting off the call. She told me yes we will figure this out. She was pleasant, kind, considerate and knowledgeable. What a gem!! I lucked up this time. But it is not always like this..


I thanked her and let her know how much I appreciated her because most often, these days, getting help - a real person who is not frustrated and sound like either 1) they don't like their job, 2) they doing you a big favor (even though you calling asking for help secures their job), 3) you bothering them or wasting their time, 4) they think you are stupid because you don't easily understand the new technology, and last but not least 5) they tell you they can't help you and there is nothing they can do before and/or without even attempting to research the problem or find someone who can help you.


I say to those fake customer service people, If you don't want to help people and don't want to answer questions (some times the same question more than once - LOL - we are seniors after all and have earned the right to repeat), and...if you are too lazy to go above and beyond when it is called for - then please, please don't take a job that requires these skills and abilities. Go get yourself a job that has no people contact or very little people contact. Make everyone happy. Believe me when I say, I do everything to avoid having to ask for help. I only ask for help when I absolutely need it. And having to deal with someone who really could care less and don't want to help me is the last thing I want.


Yes, real customer service is a dying art, however, every now and again a shinning star like Ms. Carolyn/Caroline appears and reminds us there are still some people who know the meaning of those words.


You get 10 stars from me Ms. Carolyn/Caroline of AARP.  THANK YOU!!!



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@ToniS570313 Comments like yours make my day, Toni! Thanks for taking the time to share your positive experience. We are always here to help if you ever need anything further 🙂

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Yes, it is important for those seeking help to understand that customer service works both ways. 

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Ooops - please forgive my misspelled word - but yawl know I meant customer, right?  A girl ain't perfect. 

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