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Seniors left behind

Why haven't we the seniors been included from the beginning of Government help like all the other people with their hands out?  The second thing is the seniors were one of the top vulnerable groups but ended up so far down the line that so many died before they could get vaccinated. What is AARP doing to get Seniors the help the rest of the country gets. No side stepping please and no rubber stamp.



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Yes I know I'm so depressed in Eugene OR. Cause I was so isolated.NO MEDICARE OR MEDICAID WILL GET ME HELP.I GIVE UP COMPUTERRS IT PHYSICALLY HURTS TOO MUCH--don't come to Oregon,its terrible for Medicare and Medicare mental help.bye 

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I have gotten my mom on track with Covid, we have received our first shot second shot will be on the 14th next month. I had a different problem

                                                                                                                                  March 12, 2021

Dear People please help me,                                                    

I am at a loss because I am getting the run around. Where I normally get my taxes done is with United Way, for free, but they are not doing that this year because of covid. I have contacted AARP for free tax help and they are not doing it this year because of covid. Well, they are just not in this area according to their website.

I called H&R Block. The woman who helped my mom out last year, for free, I now know she was not supposed to do that and since I was asking this year I got lots of heavy sighs and an exasperated tax preparer. She got caught in her own nest. She did not do taxes for free she said.

I have attempted to try the on-line site several times and they just do not fit the forms I need and there is no one to call about it. I have left contact info and I never get a return reply.

I might not even have to prepare my taxes this year because I live on social security and so does my mother.

Here’s the bigger problem. Initially, I just needed my taxes done, because it’s the law. Now I have been in earnest looking to get my taxes done for two reasons. The law, and since my mom has not yet received her FIRST relief check. What I have read on-line then I need to have her prepare taxes this year and do some sort of claim???

Everybody I know has gotten their first $600.00 stimulus check. My mom, 82 years of age, living on approx... $20,000 a year, in a small mobile home, has not received her check. We cannot get any answers on that either. Greg Walden had no answers for her. The IRS could not answer her and now I have told her to call Social Security Office. If she has not yet received her first stimulus check what’s going to happen to the second one? I lived on less than $14,000 last year. Am I not going to get my check because I cannot find someone to file mine, as well as mom’s, taxes? I have no more answers, what do we do?

I need help and or answers. Directions, anything. I am trying to take care of me and my mom and NOBODY will help me!

Thank You, S

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@so620060  AARP Tax Aide is also offering assistance with virtual tax preparation if this is something that you may be interested in. Please check out our site for details about what options may be available to you:


To search specifically for in person services in your area, you can input your zip code on the AARP Foundation Tax Aide Locator:

However due to COVID-19, site and volunteer availability is limited. 


We have a helpful article for details about how to claim missing stimulus payments as the Recovery Rebate Credit:


Also, did you know AARP experts are answering tax questions in our online community? Follow this link to ask your questions!

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You won't like my reply, but it often works; go  to local TV news, newspaper news, online news companys, and tell their journalists you have a special "big human interest story."And tell them the whole rotten thing.IT IS SO BAD I am pretty sure some news people would love to make many govt. agencies and crimes very public to everyone. THAT VET LEGAL SUIT against Vet Administration got in the news. YOUR STORY is bad enough some journalist will love to publically expose it.


Don't be afraid to do this ,cause you will likely finally get help.--No one WANTS TO GO THAT PUBLIC ,but often its only extreme measures that work with messes like this. Try it, in several news companies.Someone is going to want to publicly expose this.I would,if I were a journalist. At least,consider it.

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@GeorgeP335220 AARP has been urging policymakers to prioritize the vaccination of older Americans because of the risk they face from COVID-19 and supports the Administration’s plan that urges states to prioritize vaccinations for people 65+.Any vaccines must be FDA-authorized or approved, safe, effective and free to consumers – regardless of age, income, race, or ethnicity. I invite you to check out our press release:

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The Biden Administration has dramatically increased the production of vaccines and established a National policy for distributing the vaccine to the States based on population. Our State offers vaccination to those 70 and older, and my wife and I will be getting our second shot in a week.

IMHO, seniors have been abandoned by those who have made it a political statement to NOT wear a mask in public or when they shop. We need to demand our politicians make it illegal to serve those without a mask until the pandemic is over.







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I  already got this one; seniors are a "non-important group in the USA."WHY do you think in that big crash a time ago, WHO LOST ALL THEIR JOBS and many never got rehired?OLDER WORKERS. I know people who got canned in their 50's never got REHIRED.They finally "retired"in early 50's just cause they could not get another job.. And now those people are really seniors and they wonder. WHY DO WE SENIORS GET NEGLECT?

One reason ;this govt. and society uses up people, taxes all their wages, and then throws them away. CORPORATE  FED. GOVT. WE DON'T COUNT ANY MORE. That is why, we are a "throw-away society." Look at how war vets get treated. They are no longer needed, so they don't need Vet Benefits or Vet health care. Just throw them away..

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