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1. would not let me renew my credit card information. It would get stuck on "Processing please wait" Called AARP to change credit card information.


2. Several days ago changed my telephone number on During phone call to AARP I learned my telephone number change made on did not make it to AARP. I was able to make that change during the phone call.


3. Is there 2-Step Verification option for my account on


4. Is there an option on to go paperless?


5. Can I stop the magazine from being delivered in the mail and read it on-line instead?

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@Leland23 Thank you for being a valued member of our family! We're always looking for ways to improve your online security. If you use My Account on or AARP Rewards, you will be prompted to secure your account by verifying your phone number. By sending a verification code directly to you, we're able to provide an extra level of security and ensure you're in control of your account. 

There is not an option on to go paperless as we can adjust all types of mailings specifically to fit your preferences. I have stopped delivery of your AARP Magazine and you can expect to stop receiving the issues within 4-6 weeks due to pre-printed mailing labels. AARP Members can log in to view the current issue of AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin online.


Would you also like me to stop the mailed offers from our service providers? I can stop your membership mailings to include the AARP Bulletin and renewal notices as well. Just let me know your mail preferences and I will get it taken care of. Thank you! 


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Thank you for stopping the magazine mailing. Yes, please stop mailed offers from AARP service providers. Our mail is being stolen. Someone filled out a change-of-address card at a U.S. Post Office. The U.S. Postal Service sent me a post card reusting validation of the change order. I denied it on the USPS website as directed. The USPS ignored my denial and we don't get a lot of our mail. The USPS says they're working on it.


I am still not able, even after calling AARP, to change my credit card information. All that resulted in was buying an extended subscription which I had to cal back to cancel.


After typing in my user name and password I was in my account and after some searching - in this page. There was no 2-Step Verification code texted to my phone number. I wish there was 2-Step Verification and I wish I knew how to enable it. The lady on the AARP phone call couldn't help me with that.

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@Leland23 Got it. I was able to stop mailed offers from AARP Service Providers as well. These mailings will fully stop within 12 weeks. 


Check out our article for guidance with changing your Automatic Renewal payment method:


You will be automatically prompted to secure your account by verifying your phone number when you change your password on or first sign up for the Rewards site. If you'd like to try resetting your password or opting in to the Rewards site to receive this verification prompt, please check out the following articles

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