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Please Help, I have dissappered ! THIS IS jen43

HI sandy, and aarp tech team? On Friday, late in the day, I tried logging in, no luck, it kept telling me to register, well like a dummy I did, thinking it would be easy, it wasn't ! It would not accept my user name jen43, said it was already used, of course it was, that's me.

Instead it gave me a new one with my Name, and a lot of numbers!

Could not get rid of it, I've been jen43 forever, Now I can't reach my Let's Play Bingo players to send them the Bingo numbers for tomorrows game,

Unless I start over from scratch with everything,I'm not going to do that , do you know how much time that would take, PLEASE, I know no one is working on Sun..I need to use my profile jen43, to access my players, the numbers, the private message system as jen43, I cannot start over, Hoping you can I don't like my name being posted everywhere.

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Hi @PeggyB611882, what is happening when you attempt to login to your original account? You should login to that account using your email address and password. If you need to reset your password, follow these instructions:

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