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Playing GAMES on the AARP is no longer enjoyable - Too much time required to watch advertisements !

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Playing GAMES on the AARP is no longer enjoyable - Too much time required to watch advertisements !

Have you noticed this change on the AARP games website?  Playing a game like TRIVIA now requires sitting through an Advertisement before you can play the game.  I just tried it and it started an 8 minute advertisement with no way to skip it.  Sorry, but if I have to wait 8 minutes each time I want to play a game, that's too much and I'll find other ways to distract myself.


What is your experience?  Are you noticing this change?  I posted a request to the HELP on the AARP and received a response from Arkadium, they provide support for the games.  I was told they don't have anything to do with inserting ads in the games and this is an AARP issue.  Come ON, AARP are you providing these games to make more advertisement income?

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HEY @MarcF686556,


Listen to @WebWiseWoman.


Add AdBlock Plus to your browser.


It is simple to do as I did it and I am as computer challenged as they come.


I did it several years ago.


The gaming boards of AARP had been hacked as far as I could tell at the time. I was getting legitimate ads authorized by AARP but was also getting strange ads like TATA MOTORS ads from India, a PETA AD with pictures of dead animals, and even independent ads that looked homemade.


AdBlock Plus got rid of all of the ads and.........IS FREE!!!!!

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Hi, Marc!


There was a topic posted regarding ad blockers that many of us have used for years; it now seems to be removed. Try adblock; it works for most of us. 





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