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Husband Deceased

I applied for membership in my name, but when card(s) came one came for my now deceased husband as primary! How do I get my name as primary and his name removed. 

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Looks like the AARP representative took care of this for you but for everyone else with the same issue.


You can update a deceased members account by

  • There is an online form you can submit - unable to post link. I found the link by Googling - AARP deceased.
  • calling AARP at 888-980-9483
  • Mail Us a Letter

    You may send a cancellation or transfer request by postal mail in a note to the address below. Please include the following details:

    • Name and address of the deceased member and either the birth date or membership number
    • Your name, your relationship to the deceased member and your email or home address

    3200 East Carson St.
    Lakewood, CA 90712
    Attn: Deceased Notification

What About Other AARP Insurance and Benefit Programs?

If your loved one was enrolled in an insurance program or other service from one of our trusted providers, please contact these providers directly to inform them of your loss so they can cancel or transfer the account.

AARP’s privacy policy does not allow us to disclose whether the deceased member was enrolled in one or more of these programs. For your convenience, the most popular service providers are listed below. Additional provider contact information can be found on our website.


AARP Auto Insurance program from the Hartford - 800-684-5518

AARP Dental Insurance Plan - 866-583-2085

AARP Homeowners Insurance fr9m the Hartford - 888-755-0425

AARP life insurance from New York Life - 800-865-7927

AARP Medicare supplement plan UnitedHealthcare - 800-523-5800

AARP prescription discount by OptumRX - 877-422-7718

AARP roadside assistance from Allstate - 800-840-7058

Consumer Cellular - 888-480-0620

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@KimH99556 Hi Kim, please accept my deepest condolences on the news of your loss. I was able to locate your membership and update our records with this information. You are now the only member on the account and you will receive a new membership card within 2-3 weeks. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for the mailings to cross over to your name due to pre-printed mailing labels. I am always here to help if you need anything further. 

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Since members are unable to post “links” - please post the link on steps to resolve this issue so everyone else can have access.



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