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Hmmm, is AARP a scam?

I have been an AARP member for a long time.  I see mail from them telling me how they are looking after my interests in government (lobbying).  But they never ask me what I want.  As I looked around their web site trying to tell them something, there was no place to go.  So they want my support, but do they really support me?  They need to be more open to feedback and listening for my point of view.

     I just got a card in the mail to tell me something I didn't really want to hear.  They said they acted to drive down Rocky Mountain Power electricity rates.  That's not what I want!  I want a company that cares about me and where I live.  Giving the lowest rate is how PG&E in California neglected to improve infrastructure and wrecked millions of acres and homes.

     Bottom line, AARP Utah--learn to listen, show you really care.

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The word scam really doesn't apply here.  I would be willing to bet that thousands of seniors would be happy to have their power rates reduced, as for being unable to contact AARP that is another issue that wouldn't be a scam either. If you scroll down to the gray section of this page you will see a contact us link you may be able to edit your concerns there  California is an over regulated state often times being forced to shut down operations when demand is high. The power grid in this country is antiquated and needs to be updated I don't see how that power co, could make improvements when the money tap is shut down.

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Thanks, Gary, for thoughtful responses.  I wrote my comment in the SCAMS category after realizing the contact link did not allow for providing feedback, and I could not find a more appropriate place for my message.  I see you agree that it is important that a power company have the funds it needs for modernization.  Some of us do not prefer "cheap" at any cost.

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Good point, Ernest R.

I wanted to complain immediately about the AARP "quiz" on travel prep & car safety that also includes promos exclusively for EXXON products in 2 out of 7 questions.

Didn't feel 'scammed' but I felt misled & insulted.

AARP--why work w/ a gas company like EXXON that has proven track record of NOT protecting the environment?

And how about adding a feedback box near the 'quizzes'? Sometimes your info is out of date or factually wrong (as in the 'Trivia' game) & it would be to the betterment of the AARP website if there was a quickly accessible feedback area.

But "thanks" for the big 450 quiz pts. anyway. I'll spend 'em on those gift card lotteries.

BTW, do you publish names or at least initials/hometowns of winners? If you do, I haven't seen that.

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