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Hartford fails another customer

So I was insured by Hartford in 2017.   


One rainy day in May, 2020 coming home from Dallas to Houston, I was in two accidents in an hour.  One was despite looking out my mirrors and checking my blindspot -- the other vehicle was so low to the ground, I could not see it despite my efforts and I kissed it slightly in changing lanes.   An hour later, I was struck while at a complete stop, by a 19 year old driving 50 MPH in the rain while the rest of us were lined up.    In October 2020, while parked in the driveway, someone stole the same vehicle and tried to use it to steal an ATM; cop watched him and then chased him in my truck into a tree.


The claims rep on the first incident was amazing.   For the auto theft, the rep was so bad, I had to communicate with the supervisor, who was not much better at communication.   


Fast forward to September 2021.  I am self employed and two vendors failed to pay their invoices timely.  So my premium was late.  I called today to let them know I would pay tomorrow as the funds hit my bank.  They tell me I am cancelled for non-payment.  Nine days late and they cancelled me.   In a pandemic with shutdowns that have ruined so many businesses, you would think that they could be a bit more understanding of financial constraints.   In fact, I suspect they were looking for the fastest way to dump me as a client since the first claim.


With three claims, albeit two in the same time frame, my applications for new insurance are not exactly met with ready offers at great pricing.   


Beware the recommendations of AARP for this insurance company for its members.  I wish I had read the reviews before becoming their customer.  

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Hi there, here to help. The Hartford requires you to notify them before your payment due date to avoid cancellation and are very flexible with payment arrangements. It is always best to reach out to creditors before your due date to make payment arrangements if you will be late. However, as partners, we’d be glad to forward your concern to the Escalation team we work with at The Hartford for their thorough review and consideration if you’d like. To do this, we will need more information. Please send me a private message in the AARP Online Community by clicking this link and entering my username, “AARPAngelaC” into the “Send to” box Please provide the following details in your message:

  • Full name
  • AARP Membership number
  • Best contact email address and phone #

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you informing us of your concern. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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