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Dental Insurance?

The AARP Dental Insurance from DELTA Dental seem terrible.  The waiting periods are not readlily disclosed when you enroll.  The cap on coverage is insanly low...


Want a bridge or implant?


The cost to the subscriber is horric...


Please AARP.  DO SOMETHING about it!!!

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Hi JamesF227210

Here is some real information that will help you out.


I'm going to let you know something none of the reps seem to accept and or want to understand and I'm going tom make this very simple for you to understand. I'm also going to let you know about two real sneaky tactics these people do to look out for.


Here is the fact:

There is no dentist in the USA that will take anything that has medicare and or medicaid attached to it.

Here is the reason why:
Dentists are a private entity which means they are can refuse to accept anything. Dentists see the name medicare/medicaid they say no. Since medicare and medicaid was aware of this, they got cute and changed the name to hide the word medicare and or medicaid so dentists were getting blind sided. ANYTHING AARP is involved with has medicare and or medicaid attached to it.

Because of that, dentists have whoever does their insurance setups very, very carefully scan what insurance names are connected to medicare/medicaid. It's why you most likely get/got a letter/email from a dentist saying we no longer take (Insert Insurance)


You also have to be careful about the phrase DENTAL COVERAGE in any insurance because it might not actually be coverage. These pricks disguise a dental allowance up to x amount which you get reimbursed for after you send the bill, which gets listed under medical so they get away with calling it dental coverage. BTW the ones I caught doing that only allowed for up to $125 maximum which meant if you had an extraction which cost $1500, they paid $125 of it and you're on the hook for the rest. That's hardly coverage.


Another **bleep** thing these **bleep** companies pull is they will list a lot of things  under coverage that sound good but it's always useless things that aren't to any importance. Using a car warantee as an example it says you have transmission coverage ..sounds great right..wrong it's not. if you go through and read everything in that coverage, it's not anything that actually affects the working of the transmission. So they have mechanics very carefully list everything in the contract except the important parts so they avoid having to actually pay the claim.


The dental insurance is the same way it's absolutely hideous.


What really needs to happen is a dentist shouldn't be allowed to pick and chose who they want to accept. It should be they chose to go into that field which actually is medical and as such you cannot refuse an insurance. it's like a doctor not stopping for an accident, if it's found out they didn't stop, they lose their license because they don't get to pick and choose who they stop for.


Dentists need to be mandated to take any insurance because they're in the medical field.


This is the reality of the system that you and everyone really need to be aware of as much as this is disgusting, you as a consumer have a right to know exactly how bad these companies really are.


The only reason insurance is so complex, expensive and screwed up in the USA, is because of administration. its' literally set up so there is no possible way to know anything you're paying for and it's done like this so they can get away with charging whatever they want.

If you ask for a price break down of why an X-RAY is $1200 you cannot get one how much is going to the machine, the person's labor to push a button, the development of the film , in fact how much is the film itself? could be free for all you know..Administration keeps the left and right hand separated from each other specifically so nothing can be tracked.

That's just some of the cold hard reality.

Get rid of all the administration and health care not only becomes affordable but no one would know why this stuff costs that much

Insurance is basically one of the biggest scams in the USA

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Hi @JamesF227210 ! Thank you for reaching out. We thank you for your feedback about Delta Dental. Delta Dental offers a PPO Plan A, B and DeltaCare USA Plan 15B. Depending on your state, Delta Dental will offer all 3 plans for members or just PPO Plan A & PPO Plan B only. DeltaCare USA Plan 15B does not offer waiting periods, no deductible and no maximum. (Depending on your state) I would suggest contacting Delta Dental directly to see if there are any other options that would best suit your needs.

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I just discovered that there are no dentists that will take my aarp dental insurance, purchased in good faith years ago. I have paid for exactly nothing. Canceled the policy and will not purchase anything through AARP again.


Indeed a total waste of money. AARP has no business promoting Delta Dental because the plan does nothing to help the customer. It’s a shock when you go to the dentist. Don’t even bother .

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Plus even if you contact them you get numbers to verify they got the message and it will be up to 12 days to hear back. Well I have been waiting since March, total waste of my hard earned money on Insurance that has paid nothing out only taken my money in...very angry

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Hi there @mp14773902, here to help! We certainly understand your concern regarding Delta Dental. We would be glad to work with the Escalation team at Delta Dental to have this investigated for you. If you are still having difficulties with Delta Dental, please either give us a call at 1-888-OUR-AARP (1-888-687-2277) to request an Escalation or send me a private message in the AARP Online Community by clicking this link and entering my username, “StephfanW784785” into the “Send to” box . Please provide the following details in your message:

  • Full name
  • AARP Membership # (or home address)
  • Phone # and email address to contact you
  • Description of your issue

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you informing us of your concern. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Hi @StephenM360231. Have you called Delta Dental directly for assistance with locating a dentists in your surrounding area?

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